We remain committed to our objective of “Zero Harm” embodied by our first value – “We put safety first”. By remaining focused and “living” it on a daily basis we will achieve our goal.



The safety, health and environmental (SHE) strategy developed and adopted in 2008 remains the framework for managing our key risks along with the Company’s overall safety improvement plan. The strategy follows a holistic approach to managing SHE risks, based on four thrusts: management systems; people and behaviour; engineering and technology solutions; and wellness in the workplace. The strategy was developed based on historical data and on the lessons learnt from this information.

One of the insights gained from the review of the strategy undertaken in 2011 was that although we had made significant progress in three of the four thrusts, the people and behaviour thrust required far more attention. The “Zero Harm in Action” project was launched to correct the imbalance identified.