Human resources

Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats) currently employs 51,945 full-time employees and 4,434 contract workers.






Productivity decreased in 2012, from 7.06 m2 to 6.32 m2 per total operating employee per month, primarily as the result of safety-related work stoppages and the two unprotected strikes in the second half of the year. The average attrition rate for critical and scarce roles in the Company in 2012 was 12%, excluding voluntarily separation. The turnover rate for the year in all other roles was 5.16% (5.58% including people taking voluntary severance packages), compared with 5.73% in 2011 (7.03% including voluntary severance).

Given current market conditions and the likely impacts of Amplats’ recently announced portfolio review, there will be a likely reorganisation of human resources in the Company in 2013.