Our employee home-ownership programmes

In 2012, Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats) extended its employee home-ownership programme to most of the regions where it operates.

The Company employee home-ownership programme takes two forms: an employer-assisted housing scheme and a home-ownership allowance scheme.

Employer-assisted housing scheme

There are presently three active and four planned housing projects under Amplats’ employer-assisted housing scheme. The scheme facilitates housing developments on behalf of employees by procuring suitable land and helping employees to acquire serviced stands. (The Company supplies these services, with the help of developers.) Currently, the number of homes falling under this scheme totals 2,711. Thus far under the five projects, more than 2,000 stands have been serviced and some 600 houses have been built.

The biggest obstacle to the success of our employee home-ownership programme remains employees’ inability – as the result of a negative credit profile − to raise housing bonds with financial institutions. To overcome this serious limitation, Amplats has been encouraging and aiding employees to make use of debt counselling and rehabilitation.

Approximately 1,000 employees have received the basic associated training provided by an independent provider, Setsmol Housing Education and Training, with a good proportion of them deciding to enlist for Setsmol’s “My Budget Fitness Programme”. 
This programme aims to help employees become financially literate by guiding them through their monthly expenditure and making it possible for them to manage their credit on a long-term basis. It has proved to be successful as the creditworthiness of 
a number of employees has been successfully restored and these individuals have since been able to reapply for housing bonds.

Although the “My Budget Fitness Programme” was interrupted by strike action during 2012, our aim remains to provide this type of training on a large scale in the near- to mid-term.


Housing under construction near Waterval Smelter in Rustenburg


Seraleng housing project in Rustenburg


Home-ownership allowance scheme

The Company has converted a significant number of employees to home owners through its home-ownership allowance scheme. This scheme allows employees to purchase houses within developed communities close to Amplats’ operations. To date more than 8,000 of our employees (or 16% of our total workforce) have become proud homeowners under the scheme. Amplats will continue to promote home ownership among all its employees.

Amplats and community housing

In 2011, Amplats partnered with the Ministry of Human Settlements under the “Each-One-Settle-One” campaign. This campaign seeks to encourage private companies to assist Government in meeting the country’s substantial housing challenge.

Amplats announced that it would build 20,000 houses for its employees in Limpopo and North West, starting with the Northam Ext 6 (Northam 310) housing project in Thabazimbi Municipality in Limpopo.

The Company has decided to take the campaign further by becoming involved in the community housing space. This has resulted in the Thusanang housing project in the Rustenburg Local Municipality, where 3,600 homes will be built for the informal settlement community of Nkaneng. This project aims to train and employ the community members as they build their own homes. Some of these houses will be built using alternative building methods.

In 2012, Amplats was acknowledged for its work on the Northam 310 project, when it received the national Govan Mbeki Human Settlements Award for best company in support of Each-One-Settle-One.